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Self-Care Plan & Clinician's Guide


The self-care plan worksheet is a tool designed to help you guide your clients toward greater self-awareness, emotional well-being, and increased coping skills. This comprehensive resource is tailored specifically for you to facilitate meaningful discussions and help your client learn more about distress and how to manage it. The worksheet and clinician guide seamlessly integrate into therapy sessions. You can use it as a conversation starter, a tracking tool, and a means to empower the client to utilize these strategies outside of the session.

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  • 2 Nov, 2023
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This bundle includes:

Self-Care Plan Worksheet (2 Pages)

This worksheet provides a flexible and adaptable framework that you can personalize for each client. It includes 6 steps that allow you to focus on the unique needs and goals of each individual, ensuring a client-centered approach to self-care.


Self-Care Plan Clinician Guide (7 Pages)

The clinician guide offers a structured format for you to help clients reflect on their experiences of distress. With talking points and questions built into the guide, clients can gain a deeper understanding of their experience and self-care needs.

Note: This worksheet is a self-care plan, not a suicide prevention plan. Although both are important strategies for managing mental health, they differ in focus. While a self-care plan aims to promote overall well-being and mitigate stress, a suicide prevention plan seeks to identify and mitigate the risks of suicide.


Please note that there are no refunds offered for these resources. If you'd like to get more information before buying this bundle, simply send me a message in my shop chat! I'm happy to answer any questions you have!


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