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A "Coffee Break" is a monthly meeting with Lana, Carrie, and all Nitro Brew members. We'll answer any questions you might have about your private practice. Plus, all Coffee Breaks are recorded and sent to your email so you can catch every drip of knowledge shared.

We're here to support you in any way we know how. You can email us at The Help Desk: 

No! Not ever! Even if there was a fire. We’ve all heard the phrase, "do no harm". This idea is especially true when it comes to mental health and therapy. That's why we've created a marketplace that only accepts therapists with proper credentials, ensuring the industry stays healthy while it digitally transforms!

We're your cold brew iced coffee for conquering the journey from grad school to private practice. We fill in the gaps your textbooks missed, providing you with a trove of therapist-crafted resources and tools.

Whether you're looking for worksheets, guides, support, or just a virtual high-five, Therapy Homeroom's got your back, 24/7. 

We know you don't have time to waste learning a new system. You can expect your experience to be user-friendly. Plus, Therapy Homeroom is the only mental health marketplace of its kind. Users will leave our virtual doors feeling ready for private practice progress. Vendors will feel confident knowing you've helped people access quality mental health care with your resources. Oh, and did we say vendors can make money passively? Yep, you can get paid outside of office hours.



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