Registering as a Vendor: A Step by Step Guide

Ready to sprinkle some magic on your private practice? Therapy Homeroom is the place to be, and we're here to guide you through the vendor registration process—easily and quickly. 

Pro Tip: To ensure a smooth registration process, we recommend downloading the Tango extension on your preferred browser before you start. This will help you navigate through the steps effortlessly.

Click on Sign Up: Begin your adventure by clicking on the "Sign Up" button on 
Click on "As a Vendor": Declare your vendor status proudly by clicking on "As a Vendor." 
Select Your Subscription Length: Choose the duration of your subscription – short and sweet or long and enduring. Pick what suits your flavor.
Select Your Freshly Brewed Membership Plan: Select the membership plan that's as fresh as your morning coffee. Therapy Homeroom offers a variety of plans to cater to your unique needs.
Enter Your Personal Information
Enter Your Legal Name: Enter your legal name, the one you use when the government asks.
Enter Your Preferred Name: Share the name you prefer – the one your clients will cheerfully call you during your sessions.
Create Your Username: Choose a username that's as catchy as your favorite tune. This is how Therapy Homeroom will know it's you!
Create a Password: Craft a strong password, because we're all about security here. No room for cyber-crumbs!
Enter Your Email: Pop in your email address. This is where we'll send you all the love letters – well, not really, but important stuff nonetheless.
Are You Licensed or Graduate-Level?: Declare your professional status.
Click on Upload License: Click on "Upload License" and let Therapy Homeroom know you're the real deal.
Enter Your Shop Information: Time to set up your shop! This is where the magic happens.
Create Your Shop Name: Think of a name that resonates with your practice. Make it catchy, make it yours!
Enter Your Shop Email: The inbox for all things shop-related. Keep it organized, just like your spice rack.
List Your Business/Personal PayPal Email: How are you getting paid for your magic? List your PayPal email, and let the coins roll in!
Let Us Know How You Heard About Us: Spill the beans! We're dying to know how you discovered Therapy Homeroom.
Agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies: Read it like the last page of a thrilling novel, and once you're satisfied, click that agree button.
Click on Sign Up: Drumroll, please! The grand finale – click "Sign Up" and let the magic unfold.

Congratulations, Maestro of Therapeutic Wonders! 🎉

You've officially joined the Therapy Homeroom family. 

Now, go ahead and upload your first resource to kickstart your journey! Let the zesty vibes of success flow through your private practice. 🌟


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